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Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and founded in 1998, Tencent is an internet-based technology and cultural enterprise. Tencent’s mission is to “improve the quality of life through internet value-added services”. Guided by its “user ..

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腾讯,1998年11月诞生于中国深圳,是一家以互联网为基础的科技与文化公司。我们的使命是“通过互联网服务提升人类生活品质”。腾讯秉承着 “一切以用户价值为依归”的经营理念,为亿万网民提供优质的互联网综合服务。




Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and founded in 1998, Tencent is an internet-based technology and cultural enterprise. Tencent’s mission is to “improve the quality of life through internet value-added services”. Guided by its “user oriented” business philosophy, Tencent achieves its mission via the delivery of integrated internet solutions to over 1 billion netizens. An industry leader and global pioneer of innovative, digital-based technology solutions, Tencent aims to provide platforms and services that connect everything”. Through the company’s two principal business operations, ‘social platforms’ and ‘digital content’, Tencent develops and delivers game-changing products, such as social communication platforms ‘Weixin/WeChat’ and ‘QQ’, that connect people with services, foster closer relationships and create new business opportunities.From comics, videos, games and animation to music, literature, films and news, Tencent offers an incredible array of first-class digital content and multi-media services, providing entertainment and cultural enrichment to over 1 billion users across the globe. Tencent also provides cutting-edge financial technology and seamless mobile payment solutions that are helping support the development of smart cities, smart transport and smart retail. Through innovative excellence and forging strategic partnerships with a range of industries, Tencent strives to be the driving force behind China’s digitalization. Tencent partners with a range of enterprises to lead digital transformation across important pillars of the economy, including manufacturing, healthcare, retail and education. The company is passionate about improving people’s quality of life through digital innovation. As the digital economy gathers pace, in part driven by China’s "Internet Plus" development strategy, Tencent is co-creating an ecosystem through strategic collaboration with our partners and the development of open platforms. These partnerships foster the development of cutting-edge technologies, including cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence (AI). Individuals, businesses and entire industries across all sectors of our economy are already realizing the benefits of Tencent’s Open Ecosystem, which is helping millions of entrepreneurs and their employees establish new businesses and create new jobs. The valuation of these ventures significantly exceeds 100 billion yuan (over US$14.5 billion). Another of Tencent’s objectives is to use technology to accelerate the development of the public good, part of its goal to become the world’s “most respected internet enterprise”. In 2007, Tencent launched the Tencent Foundation, the first charitable foundation by an internet enterprise in China. The foundation is devoted to creating a system that empowers citizens to engage in charitable activities. Tencent Foundation launched in 2015 the first online charity event in China, “99 Charity Day”. This campaign connects non-profit organizations, netizens, and enterprises, to create a thriving philanthropic ecosystem. We are proud to deploy our world-class technological capabilities and services to help promote the long-term growth and development of society.
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